4 Reasons Not to Post to All Your Social Media at Once

As you focus on marketing for your business, you may be tempted to post to your company’s social media channels simultaneously. After all, you likely have many tasks on your plate each day to keep your business running, and even if your entire job is to market the company, you still have a lot to do. Updating all socials at once can seem like the right thing to do for your busy schedule.

Posting all at once may seem like the best option. You may assume that this ensures all of your social channels are up to date, but posting to every social media network at once can actually be bad for your marketing approach.

Learn more about why posting to all social media accounts at once isn’t ideal from the business marketing experts at Skoshe.

Reason 1: People are Active on Different Social Media Platforms at Different Times

When posting, you’re trying to capture as much of your audience as possible. But different social media networks have different user bases. Your engagement times are likely different from network to network. It’s better to determine when you get the most engagement for each social media account and plan your posting accordingly.

Reason 2: Posting the Same Content on All Platforms Looks Unprofessional

When you post to all your social media accounts at the same time, you are probably posting the same content for each. But this is generally considered unprofessional and outside the best marketing practices.

Instead, it’s better to optimize content for each social media account. For example, it doesn’t make sense to use a bunch of hashtags on Facebook, so you want to cater each post to the platform.

Reason 3: Your Audience May Find Your Content Repetitive

Your business marketing approach should help you find new customers and retain your current ones. Your loyal audience that’s already following you on different social accounts won’t appreciate seeing identical posts at the same time. Having more variety and switching posts up is more engaging for your audience.

Reason 4: Posting All at Once Ignores Demographics on Various Platforms

Just like how audiences tend to be active on various social media platforms at different times, the demographics also vary. Your audience on Twitter will likely differ from your audience on TikTok. While you’ll probably have some overlap while trying to find your target audience, it still makes sense to consider social media demographics, such as gender and age.

Update Your Social Media Strategy With Skoshe

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