5 Reasons Your Business Needs Video Marketing

Digital marketing services are crucial for all companies, including smaller businesses. These services businesses find their target audience through various methods. Some aspects of online marketing include increasing the rankings of a website on Google and creating a social media presence for better branding.

But, while you may know it’s essential to create a website filled with written content, video marketing is also an important component of digital marketing. Many people prefer to watch a video on a topic than read about it, so to capture your intended audience and stay relevant, incorporating video marketing is a wise idea.

Here are five reasons to incorporate video marketing:

1. Statistics Support Video Content

While the exact statistics vary, many show that most people prefer to learn information by watching a video than reading an article. For example, one study found that 72% of people would rather discover more about a service or product by watching a video than reading a webpage about it.

Also, it’s clear by the popularity of places like YouTube and TikTok that video content does exceptionally well.

2. They Can Be Versatile and Creative

There are many easy-to-add video marketing approaches to your company or organization. You could create a TikTok for your brand or have a videographer put together a tour of your storefront. From social media videos to professional services that showcase your company, it’s easy to be creative and tailor video marketing to match your brand and message.

3. Videos Add a Human Element

You can tell your story through videos and help connect with your customers. While written content is vital, videos can tell a story in a more straightforward way. They also have audio and visual elements that allow your audience to engage more thoroughly with your content.

4. It’s Good for Conversion

Conversions are any action you want a client to take that they follow through on. Some websites track how many sales they make, but you can also track how many clicks on your website or request a quote. Videos can increase conversion rates by making instructions clear. This is especially true if you are selling a product and trying to showcase its features and benefits.

5. You Can Showcase Employees and Even Customers

Depending on your video marketing approach, you can easily add videos that show off your dedicated employees and what they do. You can also feature clients and their positive experiences with your services or products. Overall, videos are an excellent way to keep everyone engaged and interested.

Developing a Video Marketing Strategy

If you want to see the benefits of video marketing for your own company, Skoshe offers video production and marketing services. We provide a wide range of digital marketing options and know the value of video in telling your story and reaching your audience. Get in touch today to learn more or schedule a call.