5 Tips to Optimize Your Landing Page

Landing pages are vital for a successful search engine optimization strategy. And, as with most things in the digital marketing spree, you’ll likely need to adjust your landing page approach over time to keep up with best practices and the setup of Google’s algorithm.

So, if you’ve noticed that page views are going down and need to increase the effectiveness of your landing page, this guide from Skoshe is here to help. Get five practical tips for optimizing your landing pages.

1. Keep Things Simple and Readable

When it comes to keeping people on a landing page for a longer period of time, a messy-looking block of content isn’t going to work. Instead, keep things as easy to read as possible. Simplicity is the answer here. Try to add effective headings and subheadings and use graphic design effectively. Short blocks of text are also better than long ones.

2. Make E-commerce Landing Pages Easy to Use

For sales landing pages, you want to streamline the process as much as possible. Customers can quickly get frustrated if they have to jump through hoops to purchase something, and they’re more likely to change their minds if there are too many steps. So, try to make their experience pleasant. Consider adding aspects like autofill and card validation.

3. Reduce Load Time

In this day and age of online marketing, people want things to be really fast. Increasing speed is vital. You’ll want to ensure the page loads quickly on desktop and mobile devices. So, suppose your landing pages are taking even a couple of extra seconds to load. In that case, potential clients might click away before they read any content on the page.

4. Think About Mobile

With so many people using their phones to click links or look for products, you have to optimize your landing pages for mobile phones. Be extra careful of how the landing page looks on a smaller screen, as you may need to adjust aspects like spacing and images. Also, avoid adding lengthy forms or hard-to-navigate steps when considering mobile. If customers feel they need to switch to their computer to finish something, they’re unlikely to remember to return.

4. Utilize Good Linking Practices

As you go through and optimize various landing pages, remember the SEO side of things. Linking to crucial pages on your website is vital, even if clients only click on the links sometimes. Having a good web of connections that follows good practices will help your website rank higher and drive traffic to the site.

Improve Your Landing Pages With Skoshe

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