6 Reasons It’s Time To Redesign Your Website

The internet is more important than ever, and it’s absolutely imperative that small businesses have an effective online presence in order to connect with potential customers and share information about their services or products. However, it can be hard to know when your website is still working great and when it may be time for a change. Here are 6 reasons why you might be in need of a website redesign.

1. It’s Been a While

Just like with clothing styles, website designs go through trends that change year to year, especially as technology advances and new website features become more popular. If it’s been more than two to three years since your business’s website underwent a refresh, there’s a good chance it may be looking dated. A website refresh can help you continue to put your best foot forward with customers.

2. It’s Not Optimized for Mobile

These days, mobile is king. With more people accessing the web via phones, tablets, and other non-desktop devices than ever, it’s imperative that your business’s website functions well across platforms. If your website is clunky and hard to use on a handheld device, make sure it gets updated ASAP.

3. Your Branding or Information Has Changed

People visit your website to gain important contact and other information about your business, so you want to make sure that this information is 100% up-to-date at all times, otherwise, you’re losing out on potential customers. In addition, branding is also an important part of your website, so if your business’s logo, colors, product focus, or any other branding element has changed, your website should be redesigned to reflect that.

4. You’re Not Getting as Many Visitors as You Used to

Over time, you want to see the number of visitors to your website increase, not decrease. If you’re seeing a drop in website traffic, it may be a sign that your website isn’t as attractive to potential customers as you’d like it to be, and an update may be beneficial.

5. It’s Not as Well-Designed as Your Competitor’s Website

Sometimes it just comes down to how you’re stacking up against the competition. Potential customers go to your website to learn information quickly, and that’s when they also develop their initial first impression of your business. If your competitor’s website is more professional and appealing than yours, it could mean losing business.

6. Your Social Media isn’t Integrated

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are great opportunities to grow an audience and reach new customers, and many small businesses use these sites to their advantage. Putting links to these social media platforms on your website can be a great way to gain even more followers and give website visitors an easy way to stay connected in the future.

Personalized Digital Marketing Solutions

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