7 Best Practices for Email Newsletter Marketing

Email marketing is a standard component of any good marketing strategy, and its importance isn’t going to change anytime soon. If you want your business to thrive, it’s vital to have a strong newsletter marketing plan in place. But, if you’ve noticed your reach is dropping or your engagement is low, now could be the perfect time to upgrade your email newsletter marketing process.

Get seven best practices for email newsletter marketing from the SEO team at Skoshe.

Create a Great Subject Line

The subject line of your email is the first thing people see, and it really has to stand out. You’re competing with hundreds of other emails in an inbox, so you want a subject line that’s attention-grabbing enough to get someone to open the email. Consider urgent phrasing and puns to gather interest.

Develop Strong CTAs

On an email newsletter, the calls to action shouldn’t just appear at the very end of the content. Instead, it would help if you had engaging CTAs throughout the email to lead people to the next section. Keep attention through good word choice, great color, and good placement.

Create Quality Content

Quality content matters algorithmically and to customers. Just like with your website content and other social posts, all of your emails need to be well-crafted. You don’t want to have errors in spelling and punctuation that will distract readers and make them click away. Also, you want to ensure you’re giving relevant information in an easy-to-digest manner.

Do Roundups

Creating email marketing campaigns takes time and effort. If you’re looking to save time while still making effective emails, consider occasionally doing a roundup. You can aggregate statistics, expert opinions, sales, and more to grab the interest of your target audience. By circulating old content, you can save time and money while also keeping things fresh through reorganization.

Make Seasonal Content

Often, evergreen content is prioritized. While this makes sense, you want to keep things exciting by using seasonal copy that draws readers in. This doesn’t mean you should throw the evergreen strategy out the window, but try to attract clicks through catchy titles related to holidays, seasons, and more.

Create Great Email Designs

When crafting your email newsletter campaigns, you should always think about elements of good design. As with a social media post or website, make sure you’re using readable fonts, utilizing white space, and incorporating color theory.

Work With Email Marketing Experts

Do you still need some inspiration or direction in your email newsletter marketing approach? The small business marketing agents at Skoshe will work with you to implement best practices and take your email campaigns to the next level.

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