How to Collect Feedback for Your Small Business

Even if you have wonderful products and on-point marketing, you will only be able to improve your business and meet your customer’s needs if you know how they actually feel. Gathering feedback from your clients to learn how you’re doing is vital. Feedback helps you know where you’re successful and where you can improve.

But, you might have questions about how to gather feedback and implement it in a successful way. Follow these five tips from the team at Skoshe to improve your feedback processes for your small business.

Tip 1: Use Text Messaging Campaigns

Generally, text messaging is a great way to communicate with clients. While not everyone will respond, you can likely gather good data about products and initiatives by texting customers who have already signed up for things like reward programs or information.

Tip 2: Conduct Surveys

When conducting surveys for your digital marketing strategy, you can set up more conditions to ensure higher success. So, while it’s not necessarily bad to send out a survey to everyone on your company’s mailing list, you might not get very high response results. Instead, try to play around with things. You can set up conditions on landing pages and your website to trigger a survey prompt. For example, try to have a survey show up if someone returns to the site for the second time that day.

Tip 3: Don’t Forget Social Listening

While getting direct feedback is invaluable, you’ll learn even more if you follow and monitor what people say about your brand online. Ensure you have team members with alerts and strategies to analyze articles or social media posts about the brand.

Tip 4: Enact a Strategy Based on Feedback

All the feedback and information in the world won’t do much good if you don’t use the data you collect. Be sure to continually bring in new feedback and have centralized teams and strategies that utilize the information. Implement changes based on what you’ve learned.

Finally, be sure to notify your customers of any changes that will improve their experience. If you’re adding new features, be sure to highlight these. Or, if you’re removing something customers didn’t like, be sure to alert them of the positive change.

Tip 5: Work with Business Marketing Professionals

If you are looking for in-depth ways to gather and utilize customer feedback, the small business marketing team at Skoshe can work with you to create a successful strategy. We can help you with engagement and conversions using our years of experience. Schedule a call today to get started.