What Is Click-Through Rate?

CTR is an acronym that might have different meanings for you depending on your background. But, in digital marketing, CTR stands for click-through rate. When creating an ad campaign on social media, email marketing, etc., you want a high click-through rate. This number, represented by a percentage, shows how many impressions lead to a click.

If your ad had 1000 impressions, and of these impressions, you got one hundred clicks, you’d have a 10% CTR.

Now that you know the basics of a click-through rate, it’s essential to understand what a good click-through rate looks like and how you can improve yours. Read this guide from the small business marketers at Skoshe to learn more.

What Makes a Good CTR?

While it would be great if there were one number to act as a benchmark, it’s not that simple. A good or great CTR will depend on many factors, such as the industry, keywords, and more.

To determine if the click-through rate for any given ad campaign is “good,” you’ll need to research the standards for your industry and for the type of campaign you’re running. Generally, you want a CTR that’s higher than average for similar ads. As you run various ads, you’ll start to gather more metrics for your brand and be able to compare internally.

While the higher the number, the better, remember that a click-through rate of 1% is considered good for some ads. In social media campaigns, for example, around 1% is a great CTR to shoot for.

Tips for Improving CTR

The CTR of any ad campaign impacts the quality score you get, so you want to have an average or above-average score in the eyes of the algorithm. Luckily, there are a couple of simple things you can do to improve CTR for your ads:

1. Improve the Calls to Action

You likely already know about the importance of a solid call to action, but for ads, you’ll want to pay special attention to these. What are you asking your target audience to do? What words do you need to use to grab their eye? Can you use better placement or graphics to get customers to click?

2. Optimize Landing Pages

Search engine optimization goes hand-in-hand with CTR. Make sure you are optimizing landing pages for your ads. To improve SEO on these pages, ensure you’re not keyword stuffing. Instead, focus on quality content and fast load times.

Improve CTR With Help from Skoshe

Looking to improve your CTR on your ads? The digital markets at Skoshe can help you with that. Our SEO and ad professionals can help you develop campaigns and implement them.

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