Why Are Landing Pages Important?

The world of web design and digital marketing can be complicated. There are a lot of things to figure out at first, with a lot of complex jargon and terminology that might not make a lot of sense to someone who’s not yet familiar with the field. One of these concepts is a “landing page.”

You may have heard that it’s important for your business to have a landing page. But why is it important? And what even is a landing page, anyway? The good news is that the answers are pretty simple.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a specific webpage located on your website, where a customer “lands” on after clicking a link from elsewhere. These pages are usually standalone web pages that have one specific focus, and usually, that focus is to either get a virtual visitor’s contact information (in order to add them to your monthly email newsletter, for example) or to sell a specific product (such as a service, digital product, or physical product). These pages are often where an individual is taken when they click on a link located in an online advertisement.

Why You Want to Have One

The main purpose of a landing page is to increase sales conversions– that is, the number of visitors to your website who are eventually converted into paying customers. They’re particularly effective because of their singular focus. Visitors to that webpage will be directed to a specific call to action without being distracted by all the other information that may be on your website’s homepage.

Ultimately, an increase in conversions can help you further grow your online audience and lead to an overall increase in revenue for your business.

What Makes a Good Landing Page

There are a number of established industry best practices when it comes to developing a landing page for your business’s website or ad campaign. They should be focused on the specific offer that’s on the table (whether for a product, service, or promotion) while minimizing other distractions and unnecessary information about the company. They should be targeted at a specific audience segment and have a mechanism for collecting contact information including a name and email address. Lastly, they should also have a way for visitors to keep in touch in the future, often via links to social media pages for your business.

Personalized Digital Marketing Solutions

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