4 Content Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid for Your Brand’s Online Success

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4 Content Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid for Your Brand’s Online Success

Content matters. It will show your audience who you are as a business. For instance, are you a small, local business that can be trusted? What values do you stand for? What is the essence of your company? What makes you different from similar businesses?

Content from website copy to social media posts and beyond answers all those questions and more. Content creates an image, good or bad, that your customers won’t forget.

To create content on the better end of that image spectrum, you’ll have to avoid a few common mistakes along the way. Read up on these 4 content marketing mistakes that can keep your digital content from being successful.

1. Doesn’t Speak to the Audience

Content needs to be heading in a clear direction, one that speaks to your audience well. But too many businesses jump headfirst into creating content without taking the time to properly research their audience. As a result, their content lacks substance and relevance to their desired customers.

Find out what are your audience’s wants and needs. Then create content that provides or highlights your solution to those problems.

“Find out what are your audience’s wants and needs. Then create content that provides or highlights your solution to those problems.”

One example of this would be an HVAC company conducting a local survey on Facebook, asking users their preferences or opinions on certain heating and cooling brands or HVAC maintenance in general. This social survey is content itself but doubles as a research method to gather information on what frustrates consumers when it comes to their services. Then this company can tailor future content to speak directly to those issues, interacting with the very people who first participated in their survey.

But speaking to your audience and addressing their needs first requires that market research. Gain an understanding of your customers—otherwise, you can’t adequately create an action plan to guide your content marketing.

2. Cranking Out Loads of Content Without Making It Worthwhile

Beware of getting into a routine of publishing a lot of content quickly, just for the sake of getting more out there. Quantity is important, but quality content is what will make your campaigns successful.

Take the time to make your content great. Piles of mediocre content won’t necessarily convert. You’re just creating content for content’s sake, but without any direction, like what was discussed above.

Spice up your content; give it some variety. Don’t limit yourself to just social media posts or the occasional Facebook ad. Create and share other content types, like videos, downloadable guides, or a killer infographic.

Begin to notice what catches your audience’s eye, what moves them, and what types of content they are more willing to interact with. The overall goal here is to make engaging and appealing content that adds value for the user, with every piece of content you create.

3. No Fact-Checking

Just because you find a source that supports your content or what your brand believes doesn’t mean that it’s the best source. Seek out reputable sources to boost your content, but always check facts and statistics. Your audience will have a hard time trusting you if the evidence you give is false information.

Choose to interact with only the best brands that will strengthen the credibility of your own. Again, quality matters more than quantity. Don’t tie your business to an untrustworthy brand when you market. Validate that working with them or mentioning them in your content will add to your company’s authority, not detract from it.

4. Fails to Include a CTA

Without a call-to-action (CTA), what’s the point to your content? Perhaps you just want to increase brand awareness through content marketing. Maybe you don’t want to seem too pushy. But if you include a CTA that’s relevant to its content, it will only seem natural, not a forced sales pitch.

The fact is that we’re human. We forget what we see quickly, especially in a world where the Internet has given us so much knowledge and information to sift through. If you don’t invite users, viewers, or readers to interact with your business in some way, they could easily forget you in the mix of all the other businesses they come across.

Content is Key (When Done Right)

Content works; it is the heart of all that you do to market your business. It builds credibility with customers and showcases how you provide a solution to the concerns and struggles they face. But content only does its job when it’s executed well.

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