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Your customers are looking for you. If you’re not showing up online, you’re losing sales.

Are you done with the uncertainty of knowing you need a better online presence but not knowing how to do it?

Are you fed up with lackluster results from marketing teams who aren’t delivering the improvement you need?

Are you tired of feeling like you’re always behind in the race to keep up with your competition?

Us too. That’s why we’ve developed a clear path to online visibility and more sales.

There is a proven path to online visibility.

Marketing shouldn’t be full of mystery and “just trust me” promises. There’s science behind it—you just need to know where you’re at on the path.

Here’s how to go from being a small, word-of-mouth-only business to a brand well-recognized in the local community:

Phase 1

Go Online,
Get Found

Make sure you’re there when customers go looking! In this phase the focus is on covering the online basics – do you have an up-to-date, professional website that works and can prospects find you when they search?

Phase 2

Spread the Word,
Increase Traffic

Start making a name for yourself so you’re top of mind (and top of search!). In this phase the emphasis is on making sure there are good things said about you all across the internet for all of your different services.

Phase 3

Build a Pipeline,
Grow Leads

Once you’ve established your expertise, it’s time to tell more people. This phase focuses on spreading the word, increasing your website traffic, and filling your sales pipeline with more customers.

Phase 4

Engage Better,
Convert More

With a solid foundation and a proven way to fill your pipeline, it’s time to make it interactive for your audience! This phase focuses on building conversations and engagement for even greater reach and customer loyalty.

Find out where you are on the path
and how to move forward.

“I’d definitely recommend Skoshe to other friends and businesses, especially those who are lost and confused about moving forward with modern day marketing. Their team has what it takes to put things together. Even in the early stages we are benefiting greatly from working so close with Skoshe.”

Don Lyman, Jones Paint & Glass

Here’s how it works:

Schedule a consultation

We’ll take time to learn about your business and your goals, along with what you’ve tried in the past.

Get your free custom plan

We’ll show you where you are on the path and how to move forward to hit your goals and stay within budget.

Watch sales increase

We’ll help you execute your plan to get your business in front of more people for more sales opportunities.

What makes Skoshe different?

Proven Holistic Approach

Marketing isn’t a one-trick pony. Once we’ve identified where you’re at, we can show you exactly which marketing services will work best for your business, your industry, and your market.

Small Business Specialists

We focus on what small businesses can affordably do to stand out right now—so you can stop losing customers. This focused approach saves you time and makes your budget go further.

Plans for Every Budget

Whether you need to start small and wait a little longer for results, or you’re looking for results now and have the resources to support a big start and fast pace, we’ve got you covered.

We understand the challenges
of being a small business.

At Skoshe, we’ve lived those challenges ourselves and worked with local businesses just like yours for over 20 years. We understand your marketing issues and want to help you succeed. Our goal is to make marketing easy by always keeping you in the loop, so you’re never left wondering what’s going on or if your budget is going as far as it should.

But what if you’ve tried it . . . and it didn’t work?

We hear it all the time: “I already tried [insert a digital marketing tactic] and it didn’t work for us.”
When you try just one thing, it often doesn’t work. The fact is that a social media post here or there, a single video, or a one-off ad campaign (especially when your website isn’t following best practices) simply isn’t going to get you great results.

That’s why we’ve created a path to follow. There’s a certain order you should add marketing tactics to get the best results—this way, they build on each other so you can land the increased sales opportunities you’re looking for. Let us show you how.

Free Guide:

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