4 Tactics and Tools to Increase Lead Generation

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4 Tactics and Tools to Increase Lead Generation

The way businesses generate new leads is not what it once was. As HubSpot notes, “Your audience no longer wants their attention bought——they want it earned.” In other words, a generic sales pitch is not going to cut it anymore if you want to build up your customer base.

What your lead generation efforts need to do, then, is earn your audience’s attention. They need to be relevant, timely, and more than someone just trying to make a sale.

Your business may already be using one or more avenues for lead generation. But we’re here to give you some insights and tools that may help revamp your lead gen efforts.

1. Landing Pages

To begin, one of the best tools to have in your lead gen arsenal is landing pages. We’re not just talking about the normal pages on your website. We mean separate pages with a specific function and call-to-action.

Landing pages will be what your customer is directed to when they click on a promotion or ad, rather than make them navigate through your website to find what your ad promised. This is great for lead generation efforts because landing pages don’t distract customers with other offers or places to click. They are simple and to the point, directing visitors into the sales funnel based on something that caught their eye enough for them to click on the link in the first place.

Just make sure that you deliver on what you say. Go a step further and create separate landing pages for each offer. Really, this will be how your landing pages see the most success.

2. Social Media Contest

Social media is a huge resource for generating more leads. With it, your business has the chance to connect with a global audience or reach a local one depending on your market.

One lead-gen tactic to use is a social media contest. What better way to get people’s attention than to offer them the chance to win something for free? We all like free swag!

Many contests ask users to share, like, repost or comment on one of your social media posts. In return, you choose one of the contestants to receive a prize, maybe one of your own products or one from another business. Working with another brand on a social media contest gets their audience involved as well for the opportunity to generate even more leads.

3. Local Listings

Listings can be another good source for lead generation since this is where a great deal of customers begin their searching anyway. Getting your information on these listing directories, especially online, will make your brand discoverable by customers searching on these sites.

What will help is keeping listings updated on whichever directories you use. For more information, read last week’s post on listings management or get in touch with Skoshe for additional help updating your listings.

4. Onsite Lead Magnet

Turn site visitors who found you from local listings into leads with an onsite lead magnet. This simply is a way to offer users something valuable for their contact information. This could be:

  • ● A discount code to use for their first purchase
  • ● Free content like an e-book or weekly email
  • ● A free trial run of one of your products or services

Your landing pages may offer similar incentives, but lead magnets remain on your site. They could be located in side columns or the headers/footers of your pages or could pop up as the customer is browsing. Either way, make them attention-grabbing without seeming too much like that sales pitch.

With all the marketing you’re doing to bring customers to your site, why not direct them towards conversion in the process? It’s great to get more site traffic, but it’s even better when that traffic becomes leads, then even better still when those leads convert into customers. But you need to give them the chance to get there first.

Generate Even More Leads

These ideas only just scratch the surface for lead generation strategies. The best strategies for you to use will be ones that are most relevant to your customers.

Relevance is key when it comes to any lead generation efforts. Maybe your audience isn’t spending too much time on social media, and a contest on one of those platforms won’t do much to get their attention. But an opt-in form for an email subscription might be more up their alley.

“Relevance is key when it comes to any lead generation efforts.”
– Skoshe

Once you understand your customers and where they’re coming from can you tailor your lead generation strategy most effectively. Not every strategy will work with every audience. But if you know what the priorities and needs of your customers are, and that’s the focus of your lead gen, that’s when it succeeds.

What other lead generation ideas have worked well with your audience?