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5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Landing Pages

When you send potential customers to your website from other virtual spaces, do you send them to your homepage? Using a homepage might end up doing more harm than good if what they need from your business isn’t centered on the screen. This is where landing pages come in. Landing pages are an excellent way to help customers find the exact information they’re looking for or the messaging you want them to see. Here are five reasons that developing a few landing pages could be beneficial if you’re trying to grow a small or local business.

A Communication Gateway

A well-written and created landing page can be a connective gateway between you and potential customers when sending emails, launching ads, and sharing social media posts. It gives them a direct hub to access your messaging, whether you want to show them a specific service or guide them to the proper space featuring a line of products that may interest their demographic. A landing page is the ideal page to include in a social media post or newsletter email that minimizes customer effort when giving them a specific call to action.

More Efficient than a Homepage

Your homepage on your website gives your customers a broad scope of what your brand voice is, what your business provides, and the different ways you can be engaged with for further information. You have only so many seconds to keep a person’s interest, and when the clock is ticking, you can’t waste any time letting them try to find information in the wrong place, get frustrated, and then leave altogether. Linking to a direct landing page that tells the person exactly what you need them to know to make a decision is a great way to shorten the time gap between your business and each of your customers’ clicks.

Target Each Audience Directly

Your business might have solutions for multiple demographics of people in your area, but if the majority of your website sounds neutral, those people may never be reached. Landing pages can be written with strategic keywords and phrases that express the individual needs of your customer’s search. Suppose you’re a small HVAC company that only services a particular area code. In that case, you can direct customers to a landing page that is titled with the name of their hometown and the air conditioning services they need because of the sweltering local climate. This will perform better in a search engine versus a basic home page mentioning “Joe’s Local HVAC” and “all of the heating and cooling services you could ever need.” Helping someone cut back on their Google investigation time to get a task done may be the first act of customer service you can perform.

Collect Informative Data

Landing pages aren’t just the best way to guide your customer to your call to action. You can also use them to study how customers are engaging with your site. Figure out if people from areas outside your service zone are finding their way to your website, and maybe you’ll find a new market opportunity. Use a landing page to map where your customers are clicking, how long they focus on a particular page element, or follow their journey to the check-out cart or the exit button to create and modify more effective content.

Transition between Multiple Pages

A landing page can serve as a cleaner, more focused menu to help customers quickly learn about a specific range of related projects. This is a great way to organize information, allowing site visitors to choose which option sounds the most suited to their needs before they click through to find more. Landing pages are an additional opportunity to increase SEO for specific products or services by mentioning them briefly on a summary landing page, and then again on a designated product page.

Build the Best Page for Your Audience

The best landing pages are built with creativity, intention, and SEO strategy. If you don’t have the time to give that treatment to every page of content on your website, let Skoshe help. Our digital marketing team has the experience and skills needed to help you make every click count. Contact us today to find out more about our content marketing services!