Holiday Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Sales

The holiday season is the busiest time of year for almost every business under the sun, and yet the question remains: how do you turn a busy season into a profitable one? Fortunately, the secret to marketing during Christmas isn’t much different than marketing all year long. Once you understand your customer base and how your product solves their specific pain points, you just need to fill in the details!

Here are a few simple holiday marketing tactics to keep in mind to make this holiday season the most profitable one yet.

#1: What Did You Learn Last Year?

Before putting together any website landing pages or slashing your pricing with discounts, take a moment to review your sales numbers and the tactics you used in previous years. Did your specific online marketing efforts work? Did discounts and deals boost your overall sales?

No matter your type of business, the market and economy change with every passing year. Nobody can predict what marketing strategies will produce the best results this particular holiday season. But becoming familiar with the successes and failures of certain strategies in past years will exponentially improve your profitability over simply winging it.

#2: Take Advantage of Inexpensive Marketing Channels

Whether you own the largest corporation or the smallest private business, marketing doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You may be surprised by how effective inexpensive marketing can be. Social media, for instance, is practically free (besides the option to produce paid ads). There are three major social media platforms, but the type of social media channel you choose will depend on your audience and demographic. For example, Millennials and Gen Z can be reached easily through Instagram and Pinterest, while older couples and families tend to use Facebook.

Additionally, working with a company like Skoshe and creating unique landing pages for your specific products enables customers to become immediately familiar with details and current discounts that may be difficult to spot on your regular retail store page.

#3: Offer Limited-Time Sales

If Black Friday and Cyber Monday have taught us anything, it’s that discounts and sales attract customers during the holidays. Again, take a look at your sales numbers and use your best judgment to balance profitability with customer attraction. Get creative with your deals as well. If you offered too steep a discount last year, try offering an inexpensive free gift with a more agreeable discount. Better yet, appeal to every customer: everyone appreciates free shipping.

#4: Don’t End Your Marketing Early!

Your holiday marketing doesn’t have to end on December 25th or even January 1st. In fact, the first two weeks of January can be just as profitable as Black Friday if you play your marketing game just right.

Boost Your Holiday Sales with Skoshe’s Online Marketing

The holiday season can be an excellent time for your business if you use the right marketing tactics. Follow these four tips to give both you and your customers something to smile about.

Need assistance assembling the right marketing plan for the holidays? Contact the marketing professionals at Skoshe in American Fork, Utah, and prepare to knock your sales numbers out of the park! SEO marketing, mobile advertising, and email marketing campaigns can do wonders for businesses both large and small. Contact us to create a tailored marketing plan for your business today!