How to Make Sure Your Customers Love Your Marketing Emails

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How to Make Sure Your Customers Love Your Marketing Emails

You open your inbox and there it is—another marketing email. Sometimes you actually enjoy getting them. They contain coupons or valuable information about the company that’s sending them, but not today. You thought you had already unsubscribed from this company’s list. You head to the bottom of the email and click the unsubscribe button. Hopefully, this time it will work.

Does this sound familiar to you? It should. That’s because it is estimated that 269 billion emails are sent every day, and most of them are not very good. It takes some work to send out something that really grabs the attention of your audience.

Believe it or not, though, your customers do want to receive your emails. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have subscribed to your newsletter in the first place. You just have to make sure you are sending emails that they want to read and engage with, not run away from.

So how do you do that? How do you keep your audience engaged and send emails that they will love? You do it by following these tips.

Segment Your List

People will come to your business for different reasons. Some will come for product X, and others will come for service Y. It’s no different when they sign up to receive your emails.

One of the best things you can do for your business is to segment your email list. Have customers select what they want to hear more about when they sign up or use customers’ browsing history to understand what they actually want from your website. You can then use that information to send out emails that your customers actually want to receive. Instead of spamming them with every email about every new product, service, or company update, they will only get the ones they are most interested in.

Provide Value

There is absolutely no point in sending messages if you are not providing value. If your customers don’t get something out of it, then why would they want to read it?

There are many ways to provide value in your emails. Some of the most popular are listed below:

Knowledge – This can include links to blogs, videos, infographics, etc. that share valuable information.

Coupons/Discounts – Everyone loves a coupon or a discount. Sending them to loyal customers through email can really help customers engage with your business.

Company Updates – Some customers really enjoy hearing about company updates, including new products, upcoming events, and even job openings.

Keep Things Simple

You’ll have better luck keeping your customers’ attention if you keep things simple.

First, keep your writing simple. Don’t throw in long, complicated words and stay away from vague or uncommon industry words as well. Your readers aren’t going to know what they mean.

Next, keep your address simple. Some of your readers will want to email you back, and using a no-reply address will prevent them from doing that. While they could go to your website to contact you, many won’t because of the extra effort required. It’s a much simpler process for your customers to simply hit “reply to.”

Your Turn

Email marketing has one of the highest ROIs of any marketing strategy. It is one of the few strategies that hits people when you have their full attention and feels personal as well.

If you want to send emails that your customers will love, remember to segment your list, provide value, and keep things simple. Following these three tips will keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

What other tips do you have to create emails that customers will love?