How to Monetize Website Traffic with Retargeting

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How to Monetize Website Traffic with Retargeting

You’ve designed your website to sheer perfection. Excellent. Plus, your marketing efforts are bringing in an influx of visitors to your site. Even more excellent. But you’re still not seeing any more sales or conversions even with all the traffic you’re generating. When this happens you may ask yourself, “What went wrong?”

The problem may not lie in your site at all. Only about 2% of site visitors will convert the first time they visit one of your web pages. The trick, then, is finding a way to bring back all those other visitors who failed to convert originally.

An effective way to invite those visitors back is through a retargeting campaign.

Defining Retargeting

If you are unfamiliar with retargeting, think about sites you’ve been to that you now see ads for on other sites. That is what retargeting does. Also known as “remarketing,” it’s the process of placing pixels on your website so that when someone visits it, those pixels track or follow the customer even after they leave. When they are on another website with ad space, your ad will then appear on that other brand’s site, reminding users what they missed out on by leaving your site.

An effective retargeting ad will rekindle a visitor’s interest and direct them back to your site. Once there, they are far more likely to make a purchase from you, thus converting into an actual customer and monetizing your web traffic.

Why Use Retargeting?

Website traffic indicates that people are interested in your products or services. Site visitors have proved their interest by clicking into your site when they could have clicked on another’s. With retargeting, you capitalize on that initial interest. Unlike a normal marketing campaign, you’re targeting people that you know want what you have.

Retargeting is geared towards more conversions rather than merely boosting impressions or brand awareness. While these can be great campaigns to start with, they won’t monetize your traffic like retargeting will.

How to Do Retargeting Right

There’s a fine line between retargeting done right and retargeting done wrong. Here are some best practices that will make your efforts most effective.

Find just the right amount of ads.

Send out too many retargeting ads, and suddenly your brand will become a nuisance. The more overbearing you are, the less likely people will be to convert. Most brands find that around 17–20 ad appearances per month is a good amount to shoot for, but the number may change depending on the product or service and your audience.

Switch up ad copy.

Along with too many ads, too many of the same ads can also dissuade a customer from purchasing from you. Let them see new ads every week or so. If they didn’t convert with your first ad, maybe a different approach will do the trick, such as personalizing the ad to highlight an item they viewed on your site.

Send customers to a landing page.

Sending users back to your homepage might only make them bounce like they did the first time. Instead, link your retargeting ads to a separate landing page with a singular CTA. This focuses the user’s attention on the ad offer instead of distracting them with other offers they may not be interested in. With a narrowed CTA, landing pages are great for making those conversions.

Don’t retarget people who’ve already converted.

Once a customer you’ve retargeted converts, don’t keep sending them the same ads as before! Offer them something new, like how to use an item they’ve purchased or related items they might like that are on sale. Or reach out to them again on Facebook or through emails. But again, don’t make your presence overbearing and unwelcome.

Your Turn to Retarget

Retargeting is tricky to master. But with how well it helps convert traffic, even the traffic that left your site, it’s one tool you don’t want to go without. Talk to one of our retargeting experts at Skoshe to learn more about how retargeting can help your business monetize more web traffic!