PPC Marketing: What It Is and
When to Use It

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PPC Marketing: What It Is and When to Use It

In today’s online world, an effective internet strategy is a must-have for small businesses looking to reach new people and expand their customer base. However, marketing on the internet is complex, fast-paced, and always changing. It can feel like you have a dizzying amount of digital marketing options.

With more and more businesses going online every week, it’s harder than ever to be seen and stand out among competitors, and developing an online advertising strategy to reach potential customers can be an intimidating task for many small businesses. Luckily, PPC marketing is an accessible strategy that lets small businesses quickly boost visibility and get real results.

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC marketing stands for “pay-per-click.” This method refers to a type of paid search engine advertising where advertisers pay a small fee each time their link is clicked on. It’s used to promote specific campaigns, increase brand awareness, and drive visitors to a business’s website. PPC marketing is commonly used in Google search results, but it is also frequently used to advertise on other major websites such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

PPC marketing works via keywords. The more popular and in-demand a keyword is, the more expensive it is to market with it. Different types of PPC advertising include:

  • ● Search ads, which are placed within search engine results for relevant keywords
  • ● Display ads, which appear embedded in websites with related content
  • ● Social ads, which are formatted as a social media post, targeted to reach people with specific hobbies or interests
  • ● Remarketing ads, which specifically target people who have already visited your website in the past
  • ● Google shopping ads, which offer product and pricing information, used by eCommerce companies
  • ● Streaming ads, which appear as a video promotion before a video on YouTube or Facebook

When Should I Use PPC Marketing?

PPC marketing has some attractive advantages. It’s one of the most cost-effective online marketing options available. Plus, PPC marketing lets business owners stay in complete control of their advertising spend while effectively targeting your ideal demographic. The trackable data provided by Google and other platforms is also a benefit to advertisers, as the advanced analytics that are automatically created will take the guesswork out of campaign results.

Each of these elements benefits business owners. However, PPC marketing is most often used in cases where advertisers want to see results quickly. This method offers a fast return on investment and lets business owners see results overnight. By contrast, search engine optimization (SEO) often takes 4–6 months before efforts start paying off.

Ideally, you’ll use PPC marketing with SEO and other online marketing techniques. With a comprehensive advertising strategy, you’ll have multiple methods working together to increase organic traffic to your website, consistently turn leads into conversions, and grow your customer base.

Marketing Expertise to Help You Succeed

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