The Top 3 Social Media Platforms for Your Business

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The Top 3 Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Want to get your business in front of potential customers? There are few marketing tools at your disposal better than social media. There are many to choose from, like Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, Pinterest, and Instagram. No matter your business industry or audience, there are three social media platforms that you should consider using for your business: Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business.

Whether your company operates nationally or locally, attuning your social media to match your audience and scope will catch the right attention. But creating an account on one of these social media platforms is only the beginning. Here are some ways you can best use each of the big three social media platforms.

Get to Know Your Social Media

You likely have your own personal social media account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other platforms. Using social media to advertise your business is a bit different than using it for yourself, but the idea is roughly the same. On Facebook, you can present details of yourself to friends and family; you do the same for your business. Sharing videos and pictures on Instagram shows off your personality, and using the platform can demonstrate the unique services your company provides.

Each platform presents information differently. Twitter, for example, has a 280-character limit. Instagram has a three- to sixty-second video limit. These can actually be to your benefit, as a brief blurb is all a customer needs to become interested. Before creating a plan for social media advertising, it never hurts to give each platform a try.

How to Get the Most from Each Platform

A small business with a physical storefront will use social media a bit differently than a large company dedicated to shipping orders online. While some of these platforms are universally useful for marketing, different businesses will find success on different social media platforms. Here is a quick glance at the most popular social media platforms that can boost your reach.

We use all of the social media platforms below, plus many others. Learn more from our previous blog about the social media platforms you can use to advertise your brand!

Facebook: The World’s Largest Social Media Presence

With almost 1.1 billion users, Facebook is the largest social media platform by a large margin. With such a large audience, even international companies take advantage of Facebook to reach tens of thousands of potential customers. Fortunately, Facebook is also an invaluable resource for small, localized businesses. Creating ads with Facebook can enable you to narrow down a location and a demographic of people that will best fit your service or products.

Additionally, you can create a page dedicated to your business’s information, such as your address, phone number, hours, and availability. Your business Facebook page can even rise on search engines, giving you visibility to a general audience.

Instagram: The Billboard for Video and Images

Does your business depend on flawless presentation and image? Then Instagram can make for an excellent platform to advertise your products in the best light. With an emphasis on short videos and images, advertisements become more than just words. In just a few seconds, you can demonstrate your product or service as if your potential customer were right in your store.

Users can follow your Instagram directly, giving you the opportunity to keep them updated on your newest services.

Google My Business: The Springboard for Your Company

If your business serves a more technical service for other businesses, Google My Business is an excellent platform to connect with your specific industry. Business-to-business marketing can be difficult, but Google My Business makes it easy. The average business on the platform gets about 1,000 customer searches in a month, with roughly 85% of those coming from general search results. The other 15% are direct searches, meaning someone is looking specifically for your products. No matter your industry, you should claim your business on Google My Business to help your company rise higher on the search results page. In a way, Google My Business can be your business card.

Skoshe Can Make the Difference

If you are looking to use social media to increase the size of your audience and increase sales, check out what Skoshe can do for your business. Together we can create a plan that will help your company grow. Contact our marketing experts to get started today!