3 Tips to Writing Attractive Content for Your Readers

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3 Tips to Writing Attractive Content for Your Readers

It’s every content writer’s worst nightmare. You spend hours and hours crafting the perfect blog post with a captivating headline, statistical facts, and engaging images. You hit the publish button, sit back, and wait for the traffic to come rolling in.

Only, it doesn’t. Days pass. Weeks pass and still, you are not getting any new traffic to your site. No one is reading your article.

Some people start to feel like content marketing is a waste of time when this happens. Why spend the time to write articles if no one is going to read them? In a way, they’re right. You don’t want to write articles that will be ignored. Instead, you need to start writing content that’s attractive to your readers. You need to start writing content that they want to read. Once you do that, content marketing is absolutely worth it.

How do you do that? First off, look at your blog’s analytics. What pieces of content are getting attention, and which ones are being ignored? Once you know this, you can find similarities between the pieces and use that information to drive your next article.

That’s just one strategy. There are many others. Check out these 3 other tips to writing attractive content for your readers.

Create a Marketing Persona

When writing attractive content for your readers, the most important thing to know is who your readers are. If you don’t know to whom you are writing, then how are you going to create content for them?

Content marketing is not as simple as throwing a net into the sea and pulling up any kind of fish. You want those who are most likely to engage with your website and convert to your product.

This is where marketing personas come in handy. Marketing personas are fictional characters based on your readers and customers. They should include details like:

– Demographics
– Education
– Job
– Salary
– Etc.

Your content will automatically be more attractive to your readers when you know to whom you are writing.

Look for Questions Online

What better way to attract people to your content than by solving their problems? Start looking online to find questions that people already have. Those questions could be about your industry or a challenge they are facing that you can answer.

Social media is a great place to start. Look through Facebook groups or Twitter chats. You can also find great questions on Reddit, Quora, or other industry forums.

Solve the questions you find in your blog articles and people will read them.

Take Advantage of Your Email List

Most businesses have set up an email list where they send out recent articles, industry/company news, or even discounts/coupons. If you don’t have one set up, make one because you’ll need it for this strategy.

If you have email subscribers, don’t be afraid to send them surveys. Ask them what challenges they are facing in business or what topic they would like to learn more about. Just to be careful that you don’t send them out too often or you’ll annoy your subscribers.

When they respond, you automatically have ideas for new blog articles. If someone is struggling with retaining customers, you could write an article detailing how to solve that.

The beauty of using email surveys is that those who respond are already interested in your business. When you answer their question, they will be attracted to your content because you solved their problem, and so will others who have similar questions.

Start Writing Better Content Today

You don’t want to be the one who writes uninteresting content. You want to write attractive content that your readers will love. Start by seeing what is already working on your blog, create marketing personas, look for questions online, and take advantage of your email list.

Writing content that will be attractive to your readers isn’t difficult. Just make sure you know what your audience is looking for.

What other strategies do you use to write attractive content for your readers?