10 PPC Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are an extremely useful marketing tool that can help bring in new customers and revenue to your business. While those who have been using PPC for a while can easily navigate their PPC campaign, if you’re new to using PPC ads, the process might get a little confusing. If you’re looking to start a PPC campaign, avoid these 10 common mistakes that businesses make when using PPC advertising.

1. Always Aiming for the Top Position

If your goal is to be at the number one spot by using PPC ads, be aware that this is a huge mistake many businesses make. While being in the top spot is great, it shouldn’t be what your business is aiming for. Instead, try focusing on your business’s ROI, which can help your business save money while also getting clicks.

2. Not Having Goals

Another mistake many companies make is going into a PPC campaign without specific goals or any goals at all. Before starting a PPC campaign, be sure to ask yourself what your goals are for the campaign. If your goal is something general like generating more revenue, try making it more specific by figuring out exactly who you are targeting, what you are targeting them for, and more.

3. Not Tracking Your Goals

If you’ve established a goal but don’t track whether you’re reaching your goal, then how do you know if your PPC campaign is working? Be sure to track your goals throughout your campaign. This can easily be done by keeping track of the number of phone calls your business receives, the number of customers that come and go, and the number of clicks your website receives.

4. Not Using Ad Extensions

If you’re new to PPC ads, you may not realize how boring filling out just the necessary information can make your ad seem. Be sure to use ad extensions for all your PPC ads to increase the size and number of clicks received.

5. Not Optimizing Your Campaign

Throughout your campaign, be sure to update it as needed. Not optimizing your campaign is a huge mistake, especially since you’ll always have the opportunity to optimize it for new keywords, testing new ads, and more.

6. Having a Slow Website

Even if your PPC campaign is extremely successful, having a slow website can be the downfall of reaching your end goal. If customers are clicking on your ads only to be brought to an extremely slow website, they’re going to quickly leave your website and find similar products or services elsewhere. Make sure your website loads quickly on all devices to get the most out of your PPC campaign.

7. Having a Bad Website

Having a badly put-together website that gives customers a poor experience can quickly turn them away from your brand. Ensure that your website is fully optimized, aesthetically pleasing, and encourages potential clients to look further into your website and products.

8. Trying to Do Too Much

Those who are new to PPC ads sometimes try to do too much with their campaigns, such as spending a lot of money on a campaign that covers every aspect of your business. Instead, focus on one part of your business and generate ads for it. Having a specific campaign can help you bring in the exact type of customer you’re looking for.

9. Forgetting About Your Campaign

While some companies new to PPC ads try to do too much, others will create the campaign, then forget about it. Just because your campaign is set up doesn’t mean you’re done with it. Companies need to stick with their campaign for weeks or months, optimizing it as they go to generate the most revenue and new customers.

10. Quitting Your Campaign Early

If you start a PPC campaign and don’t see results right away, don’t quit your campaign. This is a huge mistake, especially since it takes a little bit of work before you start seeing results. With PPC ads, you won’t see results until you try different things to figure out what works for your brand. Sticking with the process until you see results will be worth it in the long run!

When you decide to start a PPC ad for your brand, be sure to avoid these 10 mistakes. While some of these PPC mistakes may not ruin your entire campaign, some might. It’s important that once you start your PPC ad campaign that you stick with it and see it through. Only then will you be able to see all the amazing results your campaign can bring to your company. If you need help getting started or are looking for a company to run your PPC campaign, consider hiring Skoshe to market your brand through PPC ads.