Increase your business’s visibility and grow your client base with paid search advertising. At Skoshe, we’ll help you find the right type of paid search advertising and create a detailed marketing plan to bring you success.

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At Skoshe, a Utah PPC company, we know just how important paid search advertising can be when it comes to getting visibility for your small business. With our help, we can create pay-per-click advertising that will bring in potential customers and business.

Why should I advertise online with PPC advertising?

The more your business is visible to potential customers, the faster your business will grow. Unfortunately, unless your business is very local, newspaper ads, billboards, and even word of mouth won’t get the job done. Instead, you can reach out to Skoshe to create a plan based on paid search advertising. Customers expect to find the best businesses on the first page of Google or Bing, and we’ll help get your business there. But our paid search advertising service doesn’t stop with search engines. We can help your ads appear on hundreds of popular sites to expand your reach even further.

You may think the likelihood of your service appearing as a sponsored ad at the top of search engines is near zero because of high competition. On the contrary, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses reach the top of search engine result pages. Not only have they gotten on the first page, but they’ve seen the positive results that can come from even a single ad campaign.

The form most often used for paid search advertising is paid-per-click (or PPC) advertising, where ads appear on a search engine or webpage and send customers to your website for a possible sale. We perform PPC management for small businesses, as well as PPC marketing services for companies of any size and industry.

What kinds of pay-per-click management options are there?

Paid search advertising comes in a variety of forms. With an optimized website and a great ad campaign, you’ll soon see an increase in visitors and a higher conversion rate between visitors and customers.


Paid Ads

If you have ever seen a designed ad on a website, or even just text and a picture of a product, then you’ve seen a paid ad. Websites of all kinds can make money through visitors that click on the ad features on their pages. In turn, this gives your business an excellent opportunity to catch the interest of a potential customer. This is called cost-per-click, or CPC. The higher your budget for online advertising, the more often your ad will appear to those interested in your service. And more visibility means more sales.


Product Listing Ads

If you search for a product on Google, the most popular (i.e., the best-advertised products) will show up on the top with a thumbnail and a price tag. This is called a product listing ad, also known as PLA ads. Reaching the top of the page is the goal for any business selling anything, though especially for small businesses that specialize in a particular type of product.


Non-Product Ads (Text Ads)

Another form of paid search advertising is a written ad that describes the business and its services in a few short lines. Additionally, some of the businesses advertised this way will show a one-out-of-five star rating, as well as the number of ratings customers have left.


Search Engine Optimization and Management

We use search engine optimization (SEO) to make your business’s website connect with the words and phrases that people use to search for specific services. With managed product and service pages, traffic on your website will increase.

PPC Marketing FAQs

Where will my pay-per-click advertising appear?

When you hire our Utah PPC firm for advertising, your custom ads will appear at the top of the search results page. They can also appear on the right side of the search results. Where your ads are displayed will depend on the search browsers that you choose to advertise on.

How will PPC management help my business?

Without pay-per-click advertising, your ads have to fight for first place on a search engine results page. But when you work together with Skoshe to create PPC ads for your small business, your ads will show on the very first page of search results. This placement helps potential customers see your business right off the bat, increasing your customers and sales.

What search engines can I advertise my pay-per-click ads on?

Most search engines support pay-per-click marketing. Some of the most popular search engines to use for PPC ads include Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Does a PPC ad need to be targeted?

While you don’t have to target your ads, you definitely want to. Targeting your ads boosts your chance of finding the right audience. At Skoshe, our digital marketing experts will work with you to find the best way to target your PPC ad. We can target based on the type of device being used, location, language, audience, and more to create a top-performing pay-per-click ad for your business.

How effective are pay-per-click ads?

When done correctly, PPC ads are extremely effective at yielding results. According to Statista, 20% of companies get the highest digital marketing ROI from PPC advertising. At Skoshe, we have the knowledge and skills to create compelling ads that bring in a lot of clicks and increase your business.

Get Your Business on Top with Paid Search Advertising from Skoshe

Skoshe is a small business advertising agency dedicated to connecting small businesses to potential customers for increased growth. We are located in Orem, Utah, and we’re ready to help you. Whether you need paid search advertising, content marketing, or even reputation management, our team has the experience and tools to help your business grow. Contact us today for remarkable marketing services!