A Beginner’s Guide to Domain Authority

If you don’t have much experience with SEO, you may not know what domain authority is and just how important it is to your business. Not to worry, though, because it is a relatively easy concept to understand. Before we get into why it’s important to your business, let’s start with what domain authority is.

What Is Domain Authority?

Simply put, domain authority is a strategy that ranks websites in a search engine. This strategy predicts how likely a website is going to rank in a search engine from one to 100. But the way a website ranks depends on several factors, all of which are used by domain authority. It will look at things like backlinks, content quality, and many other factors before ranking. When your website has a high domain authority, this means it is ranking really well on search engines, but why is this important for your business?

Why Is Domain Authority Important?

If your business’s website has a high rank, your website will get more views, activity, and purchases. This is why domain authority is so important: it creates business for you. The more authority your website has, the higher it will be ranked, which brings in more potential customers to your company.

How Does Domain Authority Work?

Getting into the specifics of domain authority can sometimes be a little tricky, but ultimately, it is all based on the authority, or backlinks, your website has. As previously mentioned, the more authority your website has, the better it will rank in search engines. All businesses want high domain authority, but getting it can be more complicated.

Domain authority uses the total number of domain links in your website to calculate your domain authority score. Essentially, this strategy looks at how often search engines are using the domain links that you have on your website. For example, your website may include links to several different domains, but not all of those domains appear the same amount in a search. If domain A appears more often than domain B in search results, then the domain authority of the first domain will probably have a higher ranking than that of domain B.

How Do I Improve My Business’s Domain Authority?

While links aren’t the only factor that goes into domain authority, they are one of the most important. You can improve your website’s domain ranking by including links to other domains. Keep in mind, though, that having more links embedded in your website won’t automatically give you a higher ranking. You need to make sure the links you include are high quality.

It’s also important to remember that domain authority is fluid and will constantly change based on the strategy’s calculations. While you want a high domain authority ranking, don’t be surprised or worried if your ranking regularly changes a little bit.

Now that you have a basic understanding of domain authority, you can start working on your website to give it a better ranking. But you don’t have to do this alone. At Skoshe, we can help you with a variety of marketing and SEO services to help create a better online presence for your business. Contact us to start improving your domain authority ranking today!