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Backlink Building Improves Your Seo

No matter what search engine you prefer, we can all agree that Google’s algorithm is something to be studied and used to increase your business’s searchability online. One of the factors that Google includes in its search rankings is the links in and to your site. The links that come from other websites back to yours are called inbound links or backlinks. A rule of thumb is the more references you build outside your site, the better your site performs.

There’s a catch to this, however. Wherever you appear online has to be relevant to your industry and applicable to the type of content you provide on your site. Google will catch on if you start spamming links in places that do not fit this description, and that will hurt your search ranking in the long run. When it comes to proper link building, here are three things to keep in mind.

1. Always Focus on Your Website Foundation First

The richer you make your home website content, the easier it will be to become a valuable, informative space online and organically gain more link references. Investing energy into your content marketing is more beneficial in the long run than buying links (which is against Google’s guidelines) or adding yourself to spaces and website directories that are outside of your zone of service. If you take the time to create pages with useful information, you’ll see your efforts pay off.

2. Don’t Link Where It Doesn’t Belong

The worst thing you could do for your SEO ranking is to link to a web page that has nothing to do with your industry, product, or services. You can always add links to forums, customer comment sections, social media pages, or guest articles on other websites. However, if that site isn’t compatible with your potential customer audience, it’s a wasted effort that may even hurt you. Additionally, you want to be cautious about how many links you have. You shouldn’t create links just to have links. Each of the links on your website should be meaningful and helpful.

3. Keep Building Relationships

Just like you would network with local businesses in your area and industry to build a strong community presence, the same could be said for the virtual space. Reaching out to other compatible sites and offering to contribute a guest post, article, or piece of content can be a great way to gain a useful contact and an organic link reference at the same time. As long as you plan to keep it alive with fresh content, starting an external blog is also an excellent way to put link building in your own hands while creating a relevant space for reciprocal posting of other websites.

Let Link Building Work for You

The best link building happens when the foundation of your web content is crafted thoughtfully with your industry in mind. The more you stick to this intention, the more organically you build and earn that linking presence in the most beneficial spaces to your business. To create the best backlinks, focus on your web pages, create appropriate links, and nurture your business relationships.

If you’re looking for more ways to improve the founding structure of your website or need help creating content that’s relevant to your industry and packed with SEO-savvy strategies, you can rely on Skoshe. Our digital marketing experts have the expertise it takes to increase your site’s online visibility. Contact us to find out how we can make that happen today.