5 Secrets to Driving Traffic to Your Website

As the internet continues to expand and evolve, so too do the strategies necessary to drive traffic to retail and service websites. Even then, it may not be enough to simply attract attention. To turn your website’s visitors into sales, restricting yourself to a single tactic will limit your potential audience.

Instead, spread your influence and show the world the quality of your goods and services with these five simple marketing strategies. The tools aren’t the “secret;” it’s the time, effort, and quality you put into them!

1. Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media marketing is one of the easiest ways to reach out to potential and repeat customers for two simple reasons. First, social media tools are very inexpensive and often free to use. Second, almost everyone uses social media to stay connected.

Gear your content to each channel. Use fun images on Pinterest and Instagram, inform your loyal customers of current deals and discounts on Facebook, and prove your expertise to your peers on LinkedIn. A little effort can go a long way.

2. Create Solid Content Geared for Solid SEO

Contrary to popular belief, SEO isn’t a dying tool for increasing website traffic. What was once a simple matter of stuffing your website with keyword after keyword has become more nuanced. Search engines can tell the difference between a useful website and a spam-filled one by the quality of the content.

In other words, take your time writing and creating your website’s content. Everyone appreciates concise details about services and products; the more knowledge a customer has, the more confidence they will have in their purchase and your business.

3. Invite Peers and Professionals to Write Guest Blogs

Blogging is an excellent way for you to demonstrate your level of expertise and show your customers what they can expect from your services. But what if you could reach out to another professional’s audience at the same time? Ask a colleague to write a guest blog for you in exchange for writing for them. All of a sudden, you introduce your business to an entirely new audience and open the possibility for further professional collaboration. Everybody wins.

4. Be Proactive with Comments

It’s easy to remain anonymous online, and anyone can add their two cents to an online conversation. But you have years of experience in your chosen field. Put a name to your comments and help people who are searching for answers.

There are many places you can add helpful advice, such as public online forums, social media channels like LinkedIn, and aggregate websites like Reddit. Don’t “advertise” (people ignore comments that do that). Instead, make yourself an authority, and those you help may become your next clients.

5.  Host Webinars, a Podcast, or Online Videos

From the outside, this “secret” may seem the most intimidating. However, it may surprise you how easy it can be to learn the skills necessary to make these projects happen. You don’t need a high level of audio and video editing experience to create a podcast or video series. Start small: all you need is a webcam, a decent microphone, and engaging topics to discuss.

Bring More Customers to Your Business’s Site

With deliberate and high-quality efforts, you’ll start seeing more visitors come to your website and engage with your business. Create indispensable content on your site and social media pages, provide expert insights, and don’t overlook visual and audio content to drive more traffic right where you want it.

If you worry about the state of your business’s marketing strategy, the online marketing team at Skoshe is here to help. Together, we will create a unique plan tailored to your needs, connecting you to the clients and customers you’ve been searching for. Contact us today!